The early impact of FinanceCoach in the G50s/Ruvumura gr1, Nyakeru Hill ,Mutoyi Zone in Gitega-Burundi

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Nininahazwe Micheline changed her mentality, before she used the family resources for trivialities especially in celebrations like the baptisms of children. After learning financial management through Financecoach, she realized the mistakes of her household and consulted with her husband and they both concluded to organize their harvest of bananas, and avocados well and to distribute the expenses well. Now expenses are planned in advance and they set aside money for projects. Her husband encourages her to participate in G50 meetings more because he appreciates the teachings received.

Hakizimana Eliane had her household in conflict all the time. Her husband used to sell secretly part of the yields and she took revenge by selling the other part and the bickering never ended. With the information from Financecoach, she learned a lot about planning and handling well resources and shared the information with her husband. They both understood their mistakes and agreed to manage well their yields and income. Nowadays, they no longer argue about misusing their resources as they plan better and ahead of time. The husband who was against his wife participating in G50 activities is now convinced of the good impact on the entire family and encourages her now to participate actively.

Ndayisaba Noella’s husband had a shop that went bankrupt. After that, he fell into alcoholism. He was known throughout the community. His household was relentless, their yields were ruined; the family was suffering a great distress because He would use all the money to buy alcohol. After learning about Financecoach, Noella N. understood that planning household’s income well even brings peace in the household. She managed to explain the different concepts of finance management to her husband and accepted to try it. Her husband is no longer a drunkard; He rearranged his priorities and no longer use all their finances in useless things like alcohol. The change is visible in the community even other G50 members testify about it.