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AUXFIN Burkina Faso – Ready for expansion

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AUXFIN Burkina Faso completed its first year of activity with a strong team in Ouagadougou and the very first group of activators in the Centre Nord and Centre Ouest regions of Burkina Faso. There are more than 20 activators servicing more than 100 G50 groups and a total of 4,560 people registered to date on the UMVA platform and these figures are increasing day after day.

Your support can bring hope and comfort to those suffering from the floods

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Normally, we publish Success Stories in our News section. Now we wish to ask for your support to turn human suffering into a Success Story of solidarity.

As a Netherlands-rooted company, we are familiar with the power of water, for the good and for the bad. Also recently, the Netherlands was hit by massive rains, floods and subsequent damages.

Publication of AUXFIN Burundi status report 2022

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500.000 Burundian households connected to digital solutions.

In Burundi, only 6% of the population uses the internet, ranking as the lowest internet penetration rate worldwide. AUXFIN is changing this number quickly by offering digital technologies to the rural population. In 2022 AUXFIN Burundi has succeeded in reaching half a million people on a regular basis with digital solutions that contribute to their development.

Success story of Munezero Arlette from Nyanza-lac commune -Finance Coach

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Munezero Arlette and her family were once big spenders. For her, she liked to buy clothes all the time without a real need to do so. Every day she and her family spent a lot of money in various expenses. She then began to follow the finance training provided by Auxfin Burundi through the FinanceCoach app.

Success story of Nzibanora Monique from Nyanza-lac commune -Finance Coach

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​For Nzibanora Monique having a kitchen garden is very useful for her family. Monique N. shares that from her kitchen garden, she sometimes sells vegetables at the market and uses the money to supplement her husband's income, which is often insufficient to meet the various needs of the household.

Success story of ​Ciza Laurent from Nyanza-lac commune -Finance Coach

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Ciza Laurent is an old man who, before, could not save his money in a bank account because he did not understand the need for it. Nevertheless, since he got the financial knowledge contained in FinanceCoach, he has understood that it was out of ignorance that he did not keep his money in financial institutions; that doing so guarantees security for his money and that it is important if we want to advance financially.

Success story of ​​Ndayishimiye Violette from Nyanza-lac commune -Nutrition Coach

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​Ndayishimiye Violette’s diet was mainly made of carbohydrates. After being trained on how to eat well for good health, she then began to take vegetables, beans that are rich in proteins but she quickly realized that this was not enough to maintain her body well; it was then that Violette N. realized she need to add fruits to her diet.

The early impact of FinanceCoach in the G50s/Ruvumura gr1, Nyakeru Hill ,Mutoyi Zone in Gitega-Burundi

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Nininahazwe Micheline changed her mentality, before she used the family resources for trivialities especially in celebrations like the baptisms of children. After learning financial management through Financecoach, she realized the mistakes of her household and consulted with her husband and they both concluded to organize their harvest of bananas, and avocados well and to distribute the expenses well. Now expenses are planned in advance and they set aside money for projects. Her husband encourages her to participate in G50 meetings more because he appreciates the teachings received.

Connecting farmers to market :Sorghum value chain

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In Cankuzo, Cibitoke, Bubanza and Makamba, sorghum is one of the crops that grow well in those areas and farmers cultivate it from a long time. When they harvest it, they consume it as flour in different forms and sell the rest to the market in their localities.

Development Projects within the G50s: Palm Oil production by Bogorwa Gr2/Nyanza-Lac

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Bogorwa Gr2 is a G50 located in the small town center of Nyanza-Lac Commune in Makamba Province. This province is among the new provinces where the G50 approach was recently launched. The members were excited when they were sensitized about G50s. They quickly decided to join forces in pursuit of their own development.