Development Projects within the G50s: Goats breeding by Nyabutare Gr1/Nyanza-Lac

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In Makamba, more precisely in Nyanza-Lac, the G50 members gathered their means to start common development projects soon after the launch of G50s in their locality. Because this Province borders Tanzania, its population is more attracted to trade. This is the reason why most G50s focus on how to get rid of poverty.

Nyabutare Gr1 is one of the groups of Nyanza-Lac in Makamba that is portraying a great sense of unity in realizing their project of development altogether as a group.

Gédéon Nahimana, the group leader of Nyabutare Gr1, explained that their group started meeting from August 2021 and from there the members agreed to put money together regularly every week to start a group project. “We thought of buying one goat to start with and by the end of January we had already 6 goats” shares Gedeon Nahimana.

The group treasurer, Josephine Ndihokubwayo explained the whole process:” When we started our group meetings, we started saving money and we decided on what we want to do with it. We therefore fixed an amount of 500BIF that nobody was allowed to go below whenever saving. We do not give small loans among ourselves, all the money we save goes into projects”.

Josephine continued sharing that all the members nominated which members were going to breed the goats at first. When they multiply, they are going to give to the next group members the big goats and they will remain with the kids. Slowly by slowly, all the members will end up having a goat.

Nyabutare Gr1 members plan to continuing save towards projects of development. After goats, they want to buy a cow and continue with the same process.