Your support can bring hope and comfort to those suffering from the floods

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Normally, we publish Success Stories in our News section. Now we wish to ask for your support to turn human suffering into a Success Story of solidarity.

As a Netherlands-rooted company, we are familiar with the power of water, for the good and for the bad. Also recently, the Netherlands was hit by massive rains, floods and subsequent damages.

Last week we received a cry for help from our users in Cibitoke, as they had suffered from disastrous floods. The Burundi team immediately realized that this exceptional situation required prompt action.

Let's come together in compassion and solidarity to support those who have lost so much in the floods. Please donate to AUXFIN Foundation, on bank account number NL36 RABO 0190 5299 11 mentioning "Success Story of solidarity". Our aim is to provide basic materials and cash support to 286 victims of these floods.

AUXFIN Foundation, Laan van Westroijen 6, 4003 AZ Tiel, the Netherlands: RSIN 8 853975231, was granted ANBI Status by the Dutch tax authorities since 19 October 2021. Bank account number NL36 RABO 0190 5299 11 at Rabobank Nederland, Croeselaan 18, Utrecht, with SWIFT code RABONL2U

Palm Oil production project made by a G50 of Nyanza Lac/Makamba

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G50 members of Bogorwa Gr2 in Nyanza Lac/Makamba have decided to save money and start common projects of development. The aim was to join hands and do activities that can improve their financial status. This particular group chose palm oil production since in their area palm trees are everywhere.

L'apport d'Auxfin dans l'inclusion sociale et financière des petits producteurs ruraux du Burundi

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Dans le cadre de ses efforts constants pour répondre aux problématiques du monde rural et faciliter l’accès aux services bancaires, AUXFIN en collaboration avec ses différents partenaires et l’Ambassade des Pays-Bas au Burundi, ont fait du digital un levier stratégique de croissance et de différentiation, en lançant une large panoplie de services digitaux et d’applications innovantes. Ceux-ci participent grandement aux initiatives d’inclusion financière déjà déployées sur le plan national par d’autres institutions.

AgriCoach Testimonial: Eric Ndihokubwayo's story

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262 views Sep 17, 2021 Eric Ndihokubwayo is smallholder farmer from Nzibariba in Karusi/rural Burundi. He is a Key activator in one the G50s of his locality. He is sharing about how his yields changed eversince He started using the agricultural techniques He learned through AgriCoach.

Covid-19 Sensitization through G50 network in Burundi

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187 views May 25, 2021 Auxfin, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, was able to popularize prevention messages (texts and videos) on Covid 19 through its Healthcoach digital platform to around 200,000 households grouped together in its G50 network.