Finance, the mission of AUXIFIN is Financial Access for All. The main services here are financial transactions in the Rural Financial ECO System. The financial transactions are Multi Modal (laptop, ... Read More

Work and Income

Work & Income, especially for Agricultural systems for small holder farmers and Cooperatives, with specific supply chain financing, plot and farmer administration, production information, cost and revenue by farmer and ... Read More


Social aspect is connected to CAP (Community Activation Platform); being a member of the Community Activation Platform make you part of a social network that is built with the G50’s. ... Read More


Governance from bottom up, starting with the elected G50 group leaders, and delivering knowledge and information on good governance, effective participation and democratic principles. Thereby, facilitating partnerships (nationally and internationally) ... Read More


Education is often free of charge, but parents need to pay some small costs every month. UMVA assists with payment on line, the children and students can do the payment ... Read More


Health is the cornerstone of a good and active community. Health Insurance is required for the rural community and with UMVA, insurance companies are assisted with the registration, payments and ... Read More