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  • From being a Key Activator to Master Activator: the story of Anatole Niyonsaba

    Anatole Niyonsaba is currently a Master Activator in Kayanza Province. He shares his journey in serving his community through Auxfin Burundi.

    “For me, in 2017, I was a farmer like others and I was chosen to supervise / follow the G50 in KAYANZA zone as a Key Activator. Now I am proud to teach all the rural population in the territory of the entire KAYANZA commune by facilitating access to financial and social services via N-ICASH. Recently, I have been promoted to the grade of Master Activator and it encourages me a lot because my efforts are being recognized. Ever since I have been serving in my community in G50s, I see a positive impact because previously, poor farmers did not have access to subsidized fertilizers because they were asked to buy a whole bag of 25 When the G50 arrived in Kayanza commune in 2017 under the coordination of AUXFIN BURUNDI, even farmers with small means can buy fertilizers by putting money together with other G50 members and ordering a few kilos to divide between themselves.”: says Anatole N.

    Besides this, thanks to the various digital coaches contained in the Umva system, small producers are trained in many areas of life, which considerably improves their living conditions.

    In short, Anatole N. affirms that now Kayanza communes, the G50 members are grateful for the impact of the network in their community.

    Anatole Niyonsaba is currently a Master Activator in Kayanza Province

    Anatole at his beginning in Auxfin Burundi(Kayanza Province) as a Key Activator.