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Introducing NutritionCoach

The NutritionCoach is a tool within the UMVA SYSTEM that aims to combat malnutrition. It provides information on a heathy diet..


For AUXFIN it is essential to have direct communication with our G50 groups. The G50 groups are the only ones who..

Happy New Year 2078!

Happy New Year 2078 !

Land Certification Project

Consolate Ndikumana is a widow from Makamba who saw her children removed from their land when she wanted to remarry. There..

AUXFIN prevents the spread of COVID-19 in Burundi using its extensive digital service network.

In collaboration with the Unicef and Ministry of Health.

World Meteorological Day!

World Meteorological Day!

World Meteorological Day takes..

Success story of Asterie Nahimana, Ntita GR1

Astérie Nahimana is a woman who leads the G50 in Ntita GR1, in Makebuko-Gitega. She is a widow who raised her..

Success story Chadrack, a group leader form Karusi

Chadrack is a young group leader of a G50 in Karusi. He has only been the group leader for one year,..

Happy International Women's Day !

Happy Women's Day 2021 !

Remittances for Development: Still a long way to go, but reasons for celebration

It is exactly 10 years ago that AUXFIN embarked on a pilot project with the aim to implement a low cost..