UMVA Products

UMVA stands for Universal Methods of Value Access on the internet. It is a service that we have developed for banking the unbanked. 

The total family of solutions are interlinked
UMVA Client is a an e-Banking solution for individuals and organizations.

UMVA Bank is a solution for organization that have a financial or information relation with members, Bank?clients, SACCO?members, Schools?students, Cooperative?farmers, Church?members, Union?members, Government?inhabitants etc.

UMVA Cooperative is a solution for AGRO Cooperatives with special programmes for farmers like eCROP LOAN and ePRODUCT LOAN, the system can support an on-line trading market.

Countries are able to develop a RURAL PAYMENT SWITCH and reduce the cost of transfers with UMVA Platform

The electronic safe is the place for all e-money, electronic documents , but also other values such as the administration of the cooperative and their farmers.
In Poor banking area's the only solution is that people are helping each other with the solution that the sender will send e-money via a PC or mobile phone and in return the receiver will give cash to the sender in that value.
This solution is ready for that process and will help many people.The partners of UMVA will give access to internet so that the members are able to do these transactions.

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