AUXFIN has developed, delivers and market a completely integrated, end?to-end e-Learning Solution. This solution is currently known as AUX-EL--> AUXFIN E-Learning.

For connection or sign up go to AUX-EL 

AUXEL addresses the knowledge transfers in full extend, will bring flexibility in extension to the classroom trainings, and will support an extensive offering in Certification.

We will support a training content marketplace where individuals are able to sell their developed training to the market. Also using VoIP we are able to connect teachers from the developing world to the development and deliver low-cost services in the developed world, but creating high income for Teachers.

AUXFIN is implementing the solution in Africa ans Asia. These projects, as well as preliminary studies in other countries, have delivered the functional requirements for the development process. The solution is well accepted by the Diaspora and migrant workers. The technical solution to be implemented in rural area’s is tested and adjusted to the need of African Rural area’s.