AUXFIN G50, slowly filling Burundi with orange



In Burundi, households, who live next to each other, are formed in groups of 50. Every orange cap represents a group of 50 households. This is an all-inclusive group: 50% cannot read or write, they are included, single mothers with child, disabled, orphans, all are inside the group of 50. No-one is left behind.

 This G50 group thus formed, elects 3 leaders among them based on very precise criteria. These 3 leaders will assist the group in different activities. The leaders of the group are trained on different themes including new technology and six pillars: finance, work and income (agriculture), health, social, education and governance. It is proven that these groups based on social- and financial inclusion are more sustainable then those that only focus on finance. The group has access to a tablet with internet connection.

The financial inclusion starts with the opening of the group account at the MFI (after the training, members demand a formal institution to have the savings secured). The leaders become the agent of this institution and are the intermediary for the group. During group meetings the members give cash to the agent who deposits this money, on line, on the individual electronical accounts of each member, using a tablet. As soon as the money arrives in the electronic account, the depositors can use the UMVA RURAL FINANCIAL ECOSYSTEM as they want.